Maintaining and Caring for your New Pavement

“Your new pavement is a large investment and it is crucial to provide the necessary care to ensure overall longevity.

New asphalt takes usually 6-12 months to harden and cure, your pavement will be pliable until then. Once your pavement is fully cured, it will be very durable.

sealcoating nhRight After Care:

  • No vehicles on the pavement for at least 3 full days even longer in hotter temperatures. No walking on it for 24 – 48 hours.




Care During the Curing Process (6-12 months):

  • Your pavement will harden and soften as temperatures fluctuate. Watering down your pavement on hot days will cool and temporarily strengthen the pavement. If soap suds appear this is due to a reaction caused by fuel found in asphalt and high chlorine contents found in some city water. 
  • Although immense effort is made during the construction of pavement, some small puddles are inevitable due to the natural slope and drainage of your ground.
  • It is important not to park in the same spot every day. It is also important not to move your wheel back and forth while your car is not moving.
  • Scarring can happen to new pavement when vehicles start out too fast, pull in too quickly, and turning in tight areas.
  • Hairline cracks developed from winter conditions should be filled with sealer or crack filler.

Things to Avoid with your New Pavement:

  • Jack stands and car ramps along with heavy trucks.
  • The edges of your new pavement are the weakest due to the lack of side support. Avoid driving on the sides as they will crumble over time.
    • It is recommended to build up the sides of your pavement with topsoil. 
  • Avoid gasoline, anti-freeze, power steering and transmission leaks and spills”


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